Is your back up to the challenge?

Your handbag is the most important accessory. Is your mobile office, the cabinet of the gym or the kitchen, the pharmacy and your ATM.

Unfortunately, it can be dangerous for your health, if you are not careful. “Women know that you should not have very heavy bags, but do not realize until they begin to ache. When they make the connection, is usually a revelation, for them “says Emmanuel Brilakis, orthopaidikos xeirourgos, curator of the Group’s Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Department of Medical Athens (Psychiko Clinic).

The most common mistakes:

The bag is too heavy

“When a patient comes in and complains of headaches and feeling of tightness in the shoulders, neck and chin, one of the first things I do is to lift their bag. And my patient instinctively has a look as if he/she was caught in the act! “Says chiropractor Karen Erickson, DC.


This leads to … pain in the shoulder and neck on the side where you hang your bag, and back problems, knees and hips, as your body tries to balance.

redarrowSolution: Weigh your bag. “The weight of a full bag should not exceed 5% of your weight – this translates to 3.5 kg for a woman weighing 65 kg” recommends Emmanuel Mrilakis. If you have a backpack, you’re safe up to 10%, meaning 7 kg for the same woman.

redarrowTry: A backpack better distributes the weight between your two shoulders.
Adjust the straps so that the bottom of the rucksack to be in line with the bottom of your ribs.

The leash of the bag is very narrow

“If you see a furrow on your shoulder when you take off the bag, it is a sign that, except heavy, strap is very tight,” says expert.

redarrowThis leads to.… muscle spasm by lack of blood supply to the area and then to significant pain. “The thin straps make the shoulder muscles to contract for a long period, resulting in pain in the region,” says expert.

redarrowSolution: Choose a bag that its straps will have a width of at least 2.5 m., to better distribute the weight on your shoulder. Also, avoid straps with thin metal or chains.

You always carry it on the same side

“When you carry the bag on the same shoulder, day after day, it can cause serious imbalance in your body, especially if it is very heavy,” says Emmanuel Brilakis.

redarrowThis leads to..  pain everywhere. The muscles in the neck and shoulders to the side carrying your bag can grow more than the muscles of the other side. “I had many patients that their shoulder was 2 cm taller than the other,” says expert.

redarrowSolution: When walking, switch the bag in your shoulder every few blocks.

redarrowTry: A “postman” bag.


You’re wearing it the wrong way once

“The lower your bag hangs, the more difficult your body will balance” explains the expert. If it is too high, the bag does not let your hand move freely.

redarrowThis leads to.. pain and tightness in your shoulders, back, base of the skull, and even in your hips.

redarrowSolution: Adjust the shoulder strap so it hangs at the point where it’s close to your waist – this is the perfect height.